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Luxury cars:

ferrari, maserati, lamborghini, pagani zonda and pagani huyra, bugatti cars founded by italian ettore bugatti, alfa romeo, evantra f&m

luxury motorbikes:

mv agusta, ducati, bimota, new vyrus motorbikes


gucci,roberto cavalli,giorgio armani,bvulgari,fendi,diesel,valentino,dolce & gabbana,miu miu,prada,salvatore ferragamo,cesare paciotti,max mara,benetton,alessandro dell'acqua,gianni versace,lui jo',laura biagiotti, many chanel and louis vuitton purse and shoes are made in italy, bottega veneta,brioni,trussardi,krizia,missoni,moschino,etc etc

roman empire (the most powerfull empire ever in the history that ruled and conquered the world for almost 1000 years, uk,germany,france,holland,austria,switzerland,france,luxembourg,etc etc

italy give birth to the european civilization called renaissance

italy founded the so called "european union" that was originally called the threaty of rome

Leonardo da vinci,giotto,julius caesar,augustus,marco polo,dante alighieri,enrico fermi,guglielmo marconi,napoleone bonaparte born from both italian parents in corsica that at the time was part of italy.

Columbus discovered america with the only official document existing and he started the first connection between europe and america.

America take the name from an italian explorer amerigo vespucci

the largest bank in america is founded by italian (bank of america)

las vegas is made by italian

all this people have an italian ancestry by mom,dad or both parents:

paris hilton, bruce springsteen, leonardo di caprio, john travolta, lindsay lohan,nicolas cage,bradley coopers,robert de niro,al pacino,lady gaga,madonna,stallone,joe pesci,quentin tarantino,Francis Ford Coppola,susan sarandon,and many others

italians are the fourth largest european ancestry in usa, almost 90% of them however are from sicily, sicily is an island like hawaii in usa that became part of italy in 1861.

Food: italian cuisine is the largest,most various and copied cuisine in the world

language" the latin language is the mother of french,italian,spanish,portugese, and more than 60 5 of the english word derived from latin

italy host 78% of the unesco world heritage sites.

Vatican,pope, italy give birth to the largest religion in this world called roman catholic

arts,architecture,history,fashion,cars,etc etc

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Q: What are Italians famous for?
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