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  1. UNIVAC 1
  2. IBM 704
  3. UNIVAC 1105
  4. IBM 305 RAMAC
  5. IBM 7090
  6. UNIVAC 1110
  7. Honeywell Datamatic
  8. IBM System 360
  9. RCA Spectra 70
  10. DEC PDP-10
  11. DECSYSTEM-20
  12. IBM System 370
  13. Burroughs Datatron 205
  14. Unisys ClearPath
  15. etc.
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Q: What are examples of mainframe computer?
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Examples of what a mainframe is used for?


Where use Mainframe Computer in Pakistan?


What a the specifications of a mainframe computer?


What is the function of mainframe?

The function of the mainframe is to hold all the components and subsystems that make up a large computer.

How is mainframe computer said to be a multiuser operating system?

More than one user can use the mainframe at once.

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Function of a mainframe?

The mainframe computer is usually used in a computer center to connect the other computers. The mainframe computer is a high level computer that is designed for demanding and extensive computer tasks.

When Douglas engelbart inventes mainframe computer?

Douglas Engelbart did not invent the mainframe computer.

Function of mainframe computer in computer?

The mainframe of computer is counting "0" and "1". The computer just counts these numbers and the user does everything with it.

What is the difference between a portable computer and a mainframe computer?

the difference is that the mainframe is bigger and more expensive.

Is it possible to upgrade a mainframe computer to a super computer?

was the mainframe designed for such an upgrade? that will determine yes or no.

Is an ATM a mainframe computer?

No, an Automated Teller Machine is a client computer connected to a server computer at the bank. The server may or may not be a mainframe computer.

What are the example of mainframe computing?

IBM system 3 and AS-400 are some examples of minicomputers.

Examples of what a mainframe is used for?


When did IBM produce their first mainframe computer?

IBM produced their first mainframe computer in 1952. Between 1952 and the late 1970's the term "mainframe computer" was automatically linked with IBM because they had the largest share of the computer market.

What is the historical rate of demise of mainframe computers?

A mainframe computer is a large computer system that use to be manufactured. The historic demise of the mainframe computer began in the late 1980s when manufactures began making smaller models.

What is the fastest most expensive computer a Notebook computer a Supercomputer a Microcomputer or a Minicomputer?

Mainframe computers have large memory storage. While minicomputers have small or less memory storage than mainframe computer. ... The processing speed of mainframe computer is faster than minicomputer. While the processing speed of minicomputer is slower than mainframe computer.

What is a purpose of a main frame?

They are large in size, processes of power and high level of reliability , amount of storage , mainframe have ability to run multiple operating system. they are designed to handle very high volume input and output and a single mainframe can replace dozens or even hundreds of smaller severs.