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Natural agents of physical weathering: Rain, sand (driven by the wind), sunlight, the freeze/thaw cycle. Man-made agents of physical weathering: Acid rain.

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Q: What are some main agents of physical weathering?
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What are some main agents of chemical weathering?


What are some agents of weathering?

Some agents of weathering are heat from the sun, plant and animal activity, freeze-thaw cycles, abrasion from windblown ice or water carried material, chemical weathering from acidic solutions such as acidic rain, and hydrolysis. The four main weathers agents are wind, ice, gravity, and water.The agents of weathering include temperature, water, and gravity. Water causes the most weathering with ice, rain, and river movement causing stone to weather.

Some agents for chemical weathering?

OxygenFreezing and thawing

What are some agents of chemical weathering?

Water is one

What are some differences of physical weathering and chemical weathering?

That physical weathering can be caused my pressure changes and chemical weathering is caused by rocks falling

What are some types of physical weathering?

•Aeolian • •Biological weathering • •Exfoliation • •Thermal Expansion

What happens when rocks dissolve?

The main agents for chemical weathering are water and weak acids formed in water, such as carbonic acid (H2CO3). These agents dissolve some rocks, loosen mineral grains, form clay mineral, and widen fractures.

What are some causes of physical weathering?

Wind, Water, and Ice.

What are the 7 main causes of weathering?

There are many causes of weathering. Some of the main causes of weathering are:Thermal stressFrost weatheringOcean wavesPressure releaseSalt-crystal growthBiological effects

Can you give me some notes about weathering?

There are two types of weathering: chemical and physical. Chemical weathering is said to occur when the chemical compounds of rocks are changed. Physical weathering happens due to wind, rain, or other natural occurrences.

What is an agent of chemical weathering?

Agents of chemical weathering depend on the climate and composition of the rock that is breaking down. Some Agents would include, water, oxygen, CO2, and acids. Temperature plays a significant role in chemical weathering. If it is warm and wet, the Chemical weathering process will increase. So, really it all depends.

What agents are weathering the Vatican?

The worst is air pollution and acid rain caused by air pollution. Water (rain) and wind also cause some weathering.

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