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April, August, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, November, October, September

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April, August, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, October, September

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Q: What are the months in alphabetical order?
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Where does the month November come after December?

In a list of the months in alphabetical order.

Tell you the months of the year in alphabetical order?

April August December February January July June March May November October September-And in French (not alphabetical order)janvierfévriermarsavrilmaijuinjuilletaoûtseptembreoctobrenovembredécembre

Why are letters written in alphabetical order?

Imagine trying to find a word in the dictionary if there was no alphabetical order!

What is the order of the months that have 31 days?

In the order they appear through the year, the months that have 31 days are:JanuaryMarchMayJulyAugustOctoberDecember

Why did the months changed order?

The months have never changed order, but Julius Caesar did add in two new months. He added in the months of July and August so that he and his business partner could have months named after them. This made all the months shorter.

What number is in reverse alphabetical order?

one is the only number in reverse alphabetical order, while 40 is the only in alphabetical order

Is the index of a atlas in alphabetical order?

Is an atlas un alphabetical order

What is the alphabetical order of Harry Potter?

It is not clear what exactly you want in alphabetical order.

Are numbers first or last in alphabetical order?

There are no numbers in alphabetical order! In alphanumeric order, numbers come first.

What is alphabetical order?

Alphabetical order is the sequence in which a collection of items, such as words, appears arranged by order of position in the alphabet.

Is in or indict come first in alphabetical order?

In comes before indict in alphabetical order.

Why does it's come before its in alphabetical order?

it comes before It's in alphabetical order.

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