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List of most popular team sports in South Korea:

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Q: What are the popular team sports in south Korea?
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Who is Captain of South Korea football team?

cho ching chang

Which team has never lost a penalty shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup?

South Korea

Deffrience of North Korea and South Korea?

First, north Korea is in the north and south Korea is in the south of Korea(obviously!!!!)..Secondly, in South Korea we can go out and in of the country very easly but North Korea can't go out of the land because they don't want South Koreans of other people to come in their country so you have to risk your life to go in and out of there.Thirdly, South Korea is really good at using computers and have lot's of intelligent people such as in the UN we have a person who is a UN Secretary-General also, we have a people who do sports and there is a girl called Kim-Yuna she is really good at ice- figure skating and made world records and almost every place she went she wined gold medals , there is a football/soocer player who is our Korean team captin of football/soccer he also plays at the Manchester united etc... there are lot's of more people than this.But in North Korea there really aren't people really good at something.Lastly, South Korea have a famous companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai etc.... some people think it's not Korea's comppany but it is!!!!.

Which is better, team sports or individual sports?

I would say team sports are better because you get to socialize but if you are shy, you might like individual sports.

How popular are the Lakers?

The Lakers are definitely popular, but not the most popular team. The most popular team is the Celtics, followed by the Lakers.

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What popular team sports do they play in North Korea?

Several popular team sports are played in North Korea, including soccer and ice hockey.

What are popular team sports played in North Korea?

government organized team sports

What is the most popular sports team in Korea?

Football (soccer) is the most popular team sport in North Korea.

What are North Korea's popular team sports?


What is the most popular sports team in North Korea?

Football (soccer) is the most popular team sport in North Korea.

What is the most popular sports team in North?

Football (soccer) is the most popular team sport in North Korea.

What is a popular sport in South Korea?

Like many other countries, the most popular sport in South Korea is football, or soccer. The Korea Republic national team has qualified for the last 8 FIFA World Cup tournaments and made it to the semi-finals in 2002. The second most popular sport in Korea is baseball, followed by basketball, martial arts and Olympic Sports.

Is Korea popular on football?

Yes South Korea are a good team, have been to over five world cups.

What are popular team sports in china?

basketball, volleyball, baseball and criket are some of the popular team sports in china

Most popular sports team of Nebraska?

If I were to give my opinoin on the most popular sports team in Nebraska the Corn Huskers would be the most popular.

Why Philippines basketball team cannot win against South Korea?

It is very obvious that South korea is much stroger than team Gilas.

What are the most popular team sports played in Australia?

The most popular team sports are cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball and netball

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