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The Battle of the Chesapeake Bay which preceeded the Battle of Yorktown.

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Q: What bay did the French Navy help win the American Revolution?
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Who won the battle of Yorktown and what was its significant?

It was won by the Americans (with the help of the French Navy) and was the end of the American Revolution.

How did foreign governments support the American revolution?

Spanish supported navy and excellent commanders. French were also a very good help

What are Four reasons the french revolution ended so differently than the American Revolution?

i got 1 french help Americans i American revolution but they didnt exit back when the french revolution was going on so they couldn't help

Why did some Americans believed that the US should help France?

Because it was French money, and the French navy, that helped the American Colonials win their Revolution against the British and gain their Independence.

Why was American War of Independence important to French Revolution?

The American War of independence was important to the French Revolution because the Americans would not have won without the help of the French.

Who won the French versus American Revolution?

There is no French vs. American revolution. But the French and Indian war was won by the British colonies in America all with the help of Britain. This then led to the "taxation without representation" of the colonies and the American revolution.

How did french help the Americans in the American revolution?

Mostly the french helped with money and arms.It wasnt until the final battle however that they were actively involved in America. They also during the war slowed the Royal Navy.

How did the French help in the American Revolution?

France provided the Beans, Bullets and Bandaids covertly in the earliest stages of the American Revolutionary War. After the British defeat at Saratoga they became Allies to the Continental Army and provided their Navy and 10,000 French Regulars in support of the cause.

How did the french navy help America win the war?

The French navy contributed to the revolution by blockading British ships from supplying necessities and they sent some soldiers to attack British forts.

What did the Americans do to help double the French debt between 1770 and 1780?

They accepted French help during the American Revolution.

How did the Americans win the outcome in the American revolution?

I got a long answer but since you only want outcome it's pretty short so here it is. The French navy help the Americans surround the British.

Why did the French help the Patriots in the American Revolution?

because it was a way of irritating England