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was there any black people in tudor times?

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they were treated very harshly.

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Q: What can you learn about black people in Tudor times?
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Why were bees black in Tudor times?

because they licked chainsaws

What disease did the sailors have in the Tudor times?

scurvy, black death or food poisoning

What materials did the people in the Tudor times?

your fat

What was the schemes of learning in the Tudor times?

They didn't learn anything because they were stupid and gay

Who decided how people were punished in Tudor times?

In the early 1800 s , many white and black settlers Moved

How people in Tudor times cook their food?

Tudor people use ovens to cook their food.

Did they have spas in Tudor times?

No the Tudors were dirty people.

What meat was eaten in Tudor times?

The meat that Tudor people would eat is peackock,swan and lamb

Who ate vegetables in the Tudor times?

In Tudor times the poor people ate vegetables, in fact they mostly ate healthier than the rich.

Did poor people in Tudor times travel far from where they lived?

no answer

What did most people do for living in Tudor times?

farming or ranching

What did they call people who baked stuff in Tudor times?