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Medieval castles.

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Q: What castles did they have in Medieval Times?
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What are the difference between medieval castles and today's castles?

There is nothing different between todays castles and medieval time castles. Today's castles were built in medieval times.

When did they build medieval castles?

Medieval times

When were castles invented?

Castles were invented in medieval times.

Why are castles important in the medieval times?

for defense

What did princesses stay in in medieval times?


How big were the castles in medieval times?

This big.

What castles were attacked the most during the medieval times?

motte and bailey castles

When were late medieval castles built?

during late medieval times :p

How was castles heated in the Medieval Times?

Castles were heated using fire places.

How did people make castles in medieval times?

They asked the Stonemasons to do it

Were there haunted castles in medieval times?

Yes, there were hauted castles. Some of the castles were the Tower of London, Leeds Castle and many more.

How did people live in the medieval times?

It was very royal and messy by then but... not in castles.