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WW I - Versailles, France WW II - Reims, France

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Q: What city did Germany officially surrender in?
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When did Paris surrender to Germany?

On June 14 1940, Greman troops entered Paris, but on June 22 France and it's army of 1.5 million soldiers surrender officially to Germany.

When did Germany surrender in the World War 2?

German Armed forces officially surrendered to Allied troops on May 8, 1945. General Alfred Jodl signed the instrument of surrender for the German military.

What was one of the terms of the armistice that ended war world 1?

Germany must surrender its submarines and weapons.

What event caused Germany to surrender?

The Event that caused Germany to surrender was the death of Adolf hitler

When did the war with Germany end?

The war with Germany officially ended on May 7, 1945. Hitler had committed suicide a week earlier and his successor, Karl Donitz, signed Germany's official surrender. It is known as Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

Did Russia surrender to Germany?


What result did the Allied leaders at the Casablanca Conference want ?

The unconditional surrender of Germany

Where in France did Germany surrender unconditionally?

Versailles unconditional surrender was signed at rheims germany- rheims is correct

The city of Bremen is located in which European country?

The City Municipality of Bremen (in German: Stadtgemeinde Bremen) is located in Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany (in German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

Did nazi Germany surrender first or japan?


What was the battleship where the Japanese officially signed the surrender?

USS Missouri

What date did the Germans officially surrender?

May 7th 1945

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