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He gave huge portions of it to his soldiers and expanded Rome bigger, alot of it remained in Rome insuring Rome had gold for centuries

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Caesar used the money he gained from his military conquests to pay off his soldiers, fund his political campaigns, and finance massive construction projects in Rome. He also used the spoils of war to invest in the expansion of the Roman Empire and maintain control over conquered territories.

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Q: What did Caesar do with the money from the battles he won?
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Why did Caesar write about is battles?

Why did Caesar write about his battles

What was one of the battles that Julius Caesar was in?

Julius Caesar won many famous battles. Among them are Alesia, where he defeated Vercingetorix, Pharsalus, where he defeated Pompey, Munda, where e defeated Gaius Pompey, and Thebaid, where he defeated Cato.

Where did Julius Caesar fight some of his most famous battles?

Some of Caesar's most famous battles were at Alesia, Pharsalus, Zela and Munda.

What battles did Julius Caesar lead rome through?

They are listed in the site 'Caesar's battles' in the separate panel Sources and related links below.

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Just one of the many battles that the Romans won was the Battle of Alesia. It was a masterpiece of Roman determination and Caesar's strategy. The siege of Alesia forced the rebellious Gaul leader Vercingetoix to surrender. The outlines of the Roman siege works are still visible today.

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The two important sea battles after the death of Julius Caesar were the battle of Naulochus and the battle of Actium. The battle of Naulochus eliminated Sextus Pompey and his grain blockade and the battle of Actium eliminated Marc Antony. These battles were both won by Octavian, or more correctly, by Agrippa. These victories gave Octavian and Rome a secure Mediterranean.

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