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The great depression was a time where many people could not make much money, and it was hard to make money.

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Q: What did money have to do with the Great Depression?
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Why did you have The Great Depression?

We had the Great Depression because the stock markets crached and there wasn't a lot of money.

What was the official start of the great depression?

No money

How did Roosevelt handle the Great Depression?

He gave money to the government.

How did blacks earn money during the great depression?

they loved them

What did Great Depression kids do at recess?

The great Depression was just a time when money was tight, they did what kids today do at recess, talk, eat, and play.

How was UK affected by the Great Depression?

The great depression was a time when there was very little money in Britain. People were made redundant a there was not many jobs.

What were the effects of the great depression on Europe?

THey didn't had that much money and transportation

How where workers affected by the Great Depression?

they didn't get money- at least not as much

What was not responsible for the great depression?

Everyone having too much money...

How did the Great Depression affect the Germans?

The great depression made money worth nothing it was difficult for families to buy food. Money was just garbage the stock levels droped in a very dramatic way

What was the biggest problem during the Great Depression?

=The biggest change during the great depression was the way money is handled. The way money was handled was way different then it is now.=

One long range effect of the Great Depression was that many people?

The Great Depression caused many people to lose their jobs and their homes in the 1930's America. One long range effect of the Great Depression, was that people learned to save and spend their money wisely.