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Q: What did the Crow Indians live in?
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What do the Crow Indians live in?

the crow Indians live in tee peas decorated with sun, stars ect

Where did crow Indians live?


What type of housing did the Crow Indians live in?


Where did the crow Indians live?

Crow Indians lived in the states of Wyoming and Montana. Some people in this tribe can still be found in Montana today.

How did the crow Indians build travois?

how did the Crow indians make a travois

What Indians live in Wyoming today?

the crow, the Shoshone, the Ute and the Arapaho tribes.

Who was the first chief of the crow Indians?


What did great plains indians live in?

crow cheyenne chipewyan cree dakota/lakota wiehita

How many crow Indians are there now?

ther are almost 12,000 Indians living on the crow reseveration!!!

What kinds of weapons and tools did the crow Indians use?

crow indians beliefs, religions and culture

What did the coastal Indians live in?

The Lowa, The Apaches, Utes, Shoshonis, Nez Perces, The Arikara and Crow.

What are the release dates for Crow Indians Harvesting - 1903?

Crow Indians Harvesting - 1903 was released on: USA: November 1903