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The Intolerable Acts

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The colonists called the Coercive Acts the "Intolerable Acts".

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Q: What did the colonists called the coercive acts?
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How did the colonists show their for the coercive acts?

They called them the Intolerable acts

Why were the Coericve Acts called the Intollerable Acts?

The Coercive Acts,which were implemented on the American Colonies by Great Britain, were called the "Intolerable Acts" by the colonists, because they viewed the Coercive Acts as British encroachment of their rights. The American Colonies did not tolerate Britain's implementation of the Coercive acts, thus they deemed the acts as the "Intolerable Acts". The colonists used this diction (which in fact is a logical fallacy) as propaganda, to draw more colonists to side with them against British unjustice.

Why does the intolerable acts have two names?

the colonists called it the intolerable acts but it was formally known as coercive act

What effects did the Coercive Acts have on the colonists?


What was the colonists' name for the Coercive acts?

intolerable acts

What did the colonists call the Intolerable acts?

Coercive acts

What was colonists name for coercive acts?

The Intolerable Acts

Colonists called the Quebec Act and the Coercive Acts collectively the?

penis act of congress

What did the colonists refer to the coercive acts as?


How did the colonists react to the coercive acts?

they were jdnjdbj

What act threw the Boston Tea Party?

coercive act but as the colonists called it; " the intolerable acts" (;

Why did the colonists call the coercive acts the 'intolerable acts'?

The colonists called the Coercive Acts the "Intolerable Acts" because they viewed the laws as oppressive and unfair. The acts were seen as a violation of their rights and liberties, including the closing of the port of Boston and the imposition of martial law. The colonists believed that these acts were intolerable and not to be accepted.