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Turquoise ment th

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Q: What did turquoise mean to the egyptians?
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Who discovered Turquoise?

Turquoise has been used by humans for thousands of years, with ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Persians utilizing it in jewelry and art. The oldest known turquoise mines are located in the Sinai Peninsula.

What myth or legends are associated with the turquoise birthstone?

In Native American culture, turquoise is believed to have protective and healing powers. It is also said to bring good fortune, peace, and serenity to the wearer. Additionally, ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Persians believed that turquoise symbolized wealth and power.

What do the colours on the fnb logo mean?


Egyptians traded for what?

Egyptians traded for ALOT of things.. gold , turquoise papyrus ( a type of plant used to make paper-like substances ex- small boats , baskets , and of course paper. ) and copper.

Where was turquoise first found?

Turquoise was first found in ancient Egypt around 3200 BCE, mainly originating from the Sinai Peninsula. It was highly prized by the Egyptians for its striking blue-green color and was used in jewelry and decorative objects.

What does the rec mean in rec Turquoise?

"Reconstituted turquoise is manmade from pulverized pieces of turquoise that are stabilized and compressed with plastic resins to which dye is added. This material is pretty and offers an inexpensive to other types of turquoise." quote from:

What does the color turquoise-mean on a mood necklace?

On a mood necklace or mood ring, turquoise or blue green generally means that you are somewhat relaxed.

What is the national stone gem of Mexico?

If you mean state rock, Colorado's state rock is yule marble

What does Egyptian herioglyphics mean for the egyptians?

Hieroglyphics is the written way of communication for the Egyptians.

What do turqoise rosary beads mean?

Roman Catholic AnswerThat the owner likes turquoise.

What are the synonyms for turquoise?

the synonyms for turquoise is color

What is a slogan for turquoise mineral?

rejoice for turquoise