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there school clothes or anything they like to wear ecxept shorts they cant were shorts

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One of the great centers of trade in Ancient China was

At the center of most ancient Chinese cities stood a

A twelve-month calendar was developed during the dynasty

A line of rulers who belong to the same family and pass control from one generation to another is called

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Q: What do the children in ancient China were to school?
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What were the jobs of women in ancient China?

The jobs of women in Ancient China were mainly to look after the children that weren't at school and to make sure that the household was spotless and clean.

What did children do in ancient china?

They grew millet noodle, the boys were at the house while the girls were sent to school.

What are the difference between school children in china and school children in australia.?

China has longer hours of school.

What does women do in ancient China?

the women in ancient china usually clean the house till it's spotless and they also clean the house when needed. they take care of children that don't go to school also.

What do children in ancient China wear at home?


Did Ancient Greek school children have school holidays?

Very few children went to school. Not like today and there were holidays in ancient times.

What time do children in china finish school?

in china they finish school at 5:30

Are children in China required to attend school?

Yes it mandatory for children to go to school in china. They must go to school for at least 9 years.

Did ancient Mesopotamian children have school uniforms?

ancient Mesopotamian children did not have school uniforms they actually had not yet invented uniforms in that time

What chores did the children of ancient china have?

they had to help their parents on the farm

What did the children in ancient China do?

They helped their parents and got educated.

Which nation invented the compass?

ANCIENT China are the ones who made the compass!i know because i learned about ancient china and i made a poster about ancient china in my school and my contribution was paper money!

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