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Depending on what type of powers you have, most people get into the super hero or super villain business. Others start to visit a therapist.

new answerAnother word for power is- understanding. We all are better served by using what we know responsibly. As far as how much power is available, we are all children of GOD with the same potential. The capabilities that I am currently aware of and have use of is all I can know about the one who created me. All else is speculation or the result of the passing on of incomplete information. During my intense studies I found myself doing some things that I previously believed and was told that were impossible. From that experience I now say or think rather than impossible, " I don't know how to do that ,yet". Someday.

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It really depends on what kind of power(s) you have. You have to decide - you know what you can do, just use it and don't fear it. Don't be reckless, be prepared just in case, but don't fear a gift.


What any sane normal person would do if they woke up with super powers: Exploit them for riches, power, and selfish satisfaction (and saving the world every now and then would do wonders for your publicity, too).

Answer:I have learned in my life that when humans have power they seek to use it because they think they should use their powers for the greater good but the powers taint the owner and soon there is war, destruction and suffering. Not many people know this but in World War 2 Adolf Hitler believed in the supernatural when he saw the entity of his late father. Hitler tried to use supernatural entities to win the war. He ordered his men to seek out the worst black magic item there is, Beliar's Skull but he was stopped by an unknown woman.


Use your gift for what you believe is worth being done.


I have learned that I have healing abilities, so I use them to help people when I can. Depending upon what your power is, I would recommend you do what you think is best.


First, I would consider your new found "power" as a tool, thereby removing any possibility of ego entering into it. Ego and greed are the greatest means of diluting any such tool. We are all born with these talents. If, when and how we choose to acknowledge and use them are personal choices. If it is used for the good of the all, then much can be accomplished and the tool can be increased exponentially. When greed or ego enters, the tool is diminished and can provide a pathway for unfavorable feedback. Good luck and may your path be well lit.

The Universe is regarded as a human organism on a colossal scale and man as a copy of it in miniature. Man is a mini replica of God and so, a human can become the sum total of all things and the wielder of supreme power.

My take as someone who has precognitive dreams, if you can use anything you have to help, it's your responsibility to do something to help. Sometimes I see things I have no power to change, but at least I am forewarned and in a better position to handle something than a person who wasn't cursed with a glimpse of something coming.

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Q: What do you do if you have powers?
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