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Portia wants Lucius to suck her PEN|S

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Q: What does Portia want Brutus to do in scene 1 how does Brutus respond?
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Why does portia want lucius to do in Julius Caesar?

Portia wanted Lucius to tell Brutus that she was well and also check if Brutus was all right.

Why does Brutus hide the grief he feels at Portia's death?

Brutus was trying to control his pain. Brutus did not want to appear vulnerable in front of everyone.

In Julius Caesar act 2 scene 1 what evidence sHow is that brutus is an idealist?

Brutus is an idealist because unlike the others involved in the concpiracy, who want to kill Caesar out of pure hatred, he believes that his role in the assassination is for the betterment of Rome.

Why does Brutus want to spare anthony's life?

why does Brutus want spare ASntony's life?

Why is portia upset?

Because Caesar does want to have an sexual fair with her

What did Brutus want to Lucius to do?

play his instrument

What are the similarities between portia and calphurnia?

Portia and Calpurnia were the wives of the two most important men in this play, and the two most important man in Rome at that point in time. Portia was a woman who was madly in love with her husband Brutus. She loved when he was around, but hated whenever he left.. She felt that something was going wrong and she could not even think of her husband in some type of danger. Portia also seems to be a very alert woman. This shows that she has very acute senses. Portia is also a very strong woman. She hurt herself to prove a point to her husband. Like Calpurnia, Portia is also a very humble and obedient wife. Calpurnia is quite similar to Portia. She felt that the life of Caesar was in trouble that day, and did not want him to leave the house either. She loved her husband a lot, and she knew that her dreams of Caesar dying were warnings. Calpurnia is humble and obedient wife of Julius Caesar They are two females that seemed to be quite flattering. Neither of the woman seemed to be inferiors than the guys in this story. these woman were not less intelligent then the other characters in the play .They were actually both very smart. Portia for knowing that Brutus' health was at stake when he left the house, and Calpurnia as well whenever Caesar left for the Capitol. Both were very good looking and elegant. Sadly they both were housewife's .

Why does Brutus want to get rid of Cesar?

becuz he is to powerful

What does Cassius want Brutus to do?

he wants him to assasinate Caesar

Who sings if this is how love supposed to be I don't want it?

The layabouts ft portia monique

Who sings if this is how love's supposed to be i don't want it?

The layabouts ft portia monique

What did Brutus want to do When Cassius arrived at Brutus' camp and angrily confronted him?

move inside the tent where the men would not hear them