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In my opinion, I believe that it means we stand strong.

We did that in battle and the flag stood there, all the way.

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Q: What does raising the US flag mean?
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Battle site of famous flag raising?

If you mean the raising of the flag as show by the statue in Arlington, Virginia, that would be the battle of Iwo Jima.

What is the difference of flag raising and flag retreat?

what is flag raising and flag retreat

When was Raising the Flag at Ground Zero created?

Raising the Flag at Ground Zero was created in 2001.

When was Raising a flag over the Reichstag created?

Raising a flag over the Reichstag was created in 1945.

Can a national anthem be played if you are raising a flag that is not the national flag?


Sample script for master of ceremony during flag raising?

A master of ceremony for a flag raising will want to have notes or a script to follow. This may include information about the flag itself as well as about the people who are presenting the flag. Patriotic music may be included.

What does the white on the us flag mean?

The white on the USA flag means independence

What does it mean to raise the white flag?

what does it mean when it is said to be the first one the wave the white flag ? It means to surrender or indicates you wish to talk or parley with the opposite side in a battle

What do the coloers of the US flag mean?

stars mean the states

What does it mean when the Chicago Cubs raise the white flag?

The raising of the white flag at Wrigley Field means that the Cubs have won. The flag has a blue W on it, meaning win. The flag is raised immediately after the game and is taken down a few hours later.

What do the stars on the flag mean or represent?

On the US flag, every star stands for a state.

WHEN DO WE SAY the pledge during flag raising?

I think after the flag is risen we said the pledge.