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Websters defines begorra as a euphemism for by God, so "Sure and begorra." Would mean "Sure and by God."

it actually comes from the Irish for "would you look at that". or "give attention to that".

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Q: What does sure and begorrah mean?
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What is the meaning of 'Sure and begorrah'?

It means "sure and by God".

What is the meaning of 'Faith and begorrah'?

'Faith and begorrah' means "sure and by God". This is in the dialect of English called Hiberno-English, not in Irish Gaelic, although there are several features of this dialect owing to the Gaelic.

What does Shore en begora mean?

Would that be "Sure and Begorrah"? It's a phrase regularly used by those wishing to appear Irish, but seldom/never by the Irish themselves.

Is begorrah a mild oath or slang?

Begorrah could be a mild oath or an emphatic exclamation mostly attributable to the Irish, and can be equated to "by God", indicating that the speakers word should be taken seriously. Example - "I will see to it that young Johnny takes his medicine, Begorrah."

What is the meaning of begorrah?

Begorrah' means 'by God'. It is probably an intentional mispronunciation of 'by God', a euphemistic minced oath, like saying 'gosh' instead of 'God' as an oath.

What Irish oath is often paired with 'begorrah'?


What rituals do Irish people usually have?

We drink til we fall over. Then get up and drink some more. Ancient Irish ritual, to be sure, begorrah.

How do you get to guilford by train?

I rather think it depends a great deal on where you are coming from. A famous Irishman once said (He didn't really, I am making this bit up !) 'To be sure Sor I would not be starting from here, begorrah !'

What is the correct spelling pronunciation and meaning of an Irish greeting or phrase that sounds like Sur-in be-gur-in or Sure and Be-gur-in?

you are referring to "sure and begorrah" which is a phrase i have never heard used in Ireland and which makes most Irish people cringe when they hear it on t.v. in films etc. it has no meaning and should be quietly let drift into oblivion.

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