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the first original 13 colonies

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Q: What does the red wight and blue mean on the US flag?
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What does the red white and blue mean on the netherlansds flag meaN?

blue = loyalty red = bravery white = courage

What does the ltalian flag look like?

its Green red and wight

What do red white and blue mean for Serbia?

Red, white, and blue are the flag colors of Serbia.

What do the red white and blue colors on Australia's flag mean?

they mean the netherlands

What does red mean on the Mississippi flag?

The red, white, and blue all stand and symbolize the colors of the United States flag.

What does flag mean flag in icelandic?

Blue: Sea. White: Ice(Glaciers). Red: Fire.

What does the blue mean on the America flag?

There is no true meaning to the blue on the American flag. Betsy Ross added the blue to make the stars brighter. The original flag was read and had red stars.

What color is Russia's flag?

From top to bottom, the Russian flag has horizontal stripes of white, blue and red.

What flag color is orange blue and red?

The orange-blue-red flag is of Armenia.

What colour is the UK flag?

White, Blue & Red. The English flag is red and white. The Welsh flag is red and white. The Scottish flag is blue and white

What does it mean to fly the red white and blue?

It means you're American or British. The French flag, of course, is blue, white and red.

What does the red white and blue on the flag of Texas mean?

red means hardness ,white means proud ,and blue means graceful