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They can't throw the ball into the net!

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Q: What effect did Apartheid have on sport?
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What effect did the world have upon Apartheid and South Africa?

Sanctions on South Africa helped end apartheid

What Apartheid laws were there concerning sport?

Interracial contact in sport was frowned upon in the Apartheid era (1948 - 1994) but there were no actual segregatory sports laws. The government was able to keep sport segregated using other legislation, such as the Group Areas Act of 1950.

Did the Atlantic slave trade effect apartheid?

In the sixteenth. Centuries

How does sport relief help children with no human rights?

Working conditions during the apartheid era

How did the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act during Apartheid effect the economy in south Africa?

The prohibition of the mixed marriages act during apartheid had a major effect on the economy in South Africa. in 1949 mixed marriages were banned and that immorality act became one of the first legislation act for the apartheid.

What effect did South Africa's Sharpeville shootings have on the rest of the world?

The shootings publicized the real effect of apartheid, creating an unjust and unequal political and social system. Nova Net Answer ---> The injustice of apartheid became a global concern.

How can social life effect sport?

By having social life, you no no do sport :'(

Why does race have an effect in sport?

It doesn't.

What was the global effect of the shooting in sharpeville south Africa?

They brought the injustice of apartheid to the attention of the world.

What were the negative effects of the Colonization of Africa?

The Apartheid was a major negative effect. It was the beginning of segregation in Africa.

What is the ergolytic effect?

A negative effect of a drug or aid in sport such as caffeine.

What effect did the policy of apartheid have on South Africa?

It deprived black South Africans of basic human rights.

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