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1. Treaty of Versailles- Destroyed the German morale with humiliation, and the economy with war debts.

2. The worldwide depression- Which came to Germany at least five-fold worse than the US.

3. Using the Jews as a scapegoat- This helped him greatly, because all of the other politicians in Germany at the time had nobody or nothing to blame, and Hitler had answers (as misguided as they were, it was better than nothing).

4. Hitler was never elected he was appointed (the details of this are still being investigated by historians today)

All of this helped with his rise to power. He was at the right place at the right time (or wrong, however you want look at it). If it wasn't Hitler it very well could have been someone else, as Germany was in just the right conditions for a powerful Dictatorship to flourish.

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Q: What events led to Adolf Hitler taking power in Germany?
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