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anti-federalists opposed the constitution

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Q: What group opposed the Constitution?
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What group opposed ratification of the constitution?


What was the name of the group of men that opposed the constitution?

The Anti-federalists.

Which term refers to to the group of people who opposed the constitution?


Which group favorite the ratification of Constitution?

The Federalist favored ratification of the newly drafted Constitution. Those that opposed the United States Constitution were known as the Anti-Federalist.

Which term refers t oteh group of people who opposed the Constitution?


What social group where most opposed to the new constitution?

Rural farmers, debtors, and those without property.

What group opposed the constitution because it took power from the states?

They Anti-Federalists. Because of this they successfully pushed for the inclusion of a Bill of Rights after the adoption of the Constitution.

Which group of people opposed the Constitution as they felt it gave the federal government too much power?


What is anti-federal?

Study Island: a political position in support of states' rightsAnswermeaning a member of a group against a federative type of government, specifically the group that opposed the Constitution.

What religious groups opposed the Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution?

The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution was put into affect in 1920. The purpose was to abolish intoxicating liquors. There is no evidence that Protestants, who were the largest religious group in the country, opposed this amendment.

What opposing views did the federalist and anti federalists hold?

Federalists were the supporters of the larger national government as outlined in the constitution. Anti Federalists were the group of people that opposed the ratification of the proposed Constitution in 1787.

Did anti-Federalist support the constitution?

no, they opposed the idea of constitution