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Q: What is Dr Nero's first year speech in HIVE?
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What year was Babe Ruth's farewell speech?

in 1782 bc babe ruth held his speech

What year was the A tryst with destiny speech given?

This historic speech was delivered on August 14, 1947 in New Delhi.

How maNY year did Luther martin give his speech?


What year did martin Luther king said the you have a dream speech?


What year did Martin Luther King say his famous speech?


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What year did the queen make her first Christmas speech?


What is the population of bees in one bee hive?

Anything between 10,000 and 80,000 depending on the time of year and type of hive.

How many bees in 1 hive?

There can be anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 bees in a single beehive, depending on the size and health of the colony. The number of bees fluctuates throughout the year as the hive goes through different stages of development.

What year did obama give first major speech?

2004 at the Democratic Party Convention.

What is the temperature inside a bee hive all year?

The temperature inside a bee hive is typically maintained between 92-95 degrees Fahrenheit (33-35 degrees Celsius) throughout the year. This temperature regulation is essential for the survival of the bee colony, as it helps to keep the bees active and the brood developing properly. Bees achieve this by collectively generating heat through their metabolic activities and by huddling together to conserve warmth during colder months.

How many bee's are in a bee hive?

The number of bees in a hive varies through the year. At the end of winter there will probably be around 10,000 bees, but in mid-summer there could be around 60,000 bees.

What are the effects of smoking a cigarette that has been sitting in a termite hive for over a year?

sudden death.

How many bee colonies in a bee hive?

The number of bees in one hive can vary according to the time of year and type of hive and quality of the queen. In the depth of winter there could be as few as 5000 honey bees in a colony and as many as 80,000 at the height of the summer season.

How do you cite a speech using APA?

LECTURE, SPEECH, OR ADDRESS Name of speaker. (Year, Month). Title of speech. Speech presented at location of speech, City, State. Offenheiser, R. (1997, February). Nongovernmental organizations. Speech presented at MIT, Cambridge, MA.

Why did James Garfield not give a state of the union address?

Garfield died in September of his first year in office. He did not have time to give his first state of the union speech.

Is honey from the bee hive safe to eat?

Infants under one year old should not eat honey.

What is apiculture in detail?

Apiculture is beekeeping. Here's SOME detail: 1. Get some bees. Catching one's own swarm is cheapest (free), or they can be bought. 2. Put them in a prepared hive (about $75) 3. Place the hive somewhere with access to flowers. 4. Wait at least a year for the bees to establish themselves, lay in some honey and survive the first winter. 5. If things are going well, take a LITTLE honey from the second year's production, if not, wait another year.