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The Middle Ages were also called the Age of Faith.

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Q: What is another name for the middle ages because religion was so important to the people?
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Why was religion important during the middle ages?

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

Why was the church so important in the middle ages?

Because they relied on religion to solve their answers. Now we are independent, ask questions about religion, and are more scientific and reasoning then back then.

Why was the orient so important in the middle ages that it was put on the top of maps?

because religion was the bases of society so they put it at the top because it had highest importance on the map

Why was solomons temple important to the Middle East?

Solomon's Temple was significant because it was a place of worship and religion was a big factor back in the day.

What religion was using the middle road to reach inner peace an important part of?


In the middle ages what did they mostly paint about?

Religious subjects and portraits of important persons.

How important was religion in medieval England?

The middle ages were the dark ages or the medieval ages. During this time period the church was pretty much the head and rule. Everyone was roman catholic and they put God first then the priest. Religion united the people during this time because it was the one thing they all had in common during those hard times.

Why were people driven to the middle colonies?

People were driven to the middle colonies because it was a diverse place for religion.

Why was armor important for the Middle Ages?

itw as important because in the middle ages there was lots of war and violence

During the middle ages What religion dominated the middle east?

The dominant religion in the Middle Ages depended on where you were. In most of Europe, it was Christianity, and in the Middle East and North Africa, for most of the Middle Ages, it was Islam. There were places where both were about equally important, such as Spain.

What are some issues in the middle east?

the middle east has wars broken out everywhere because of uneven water distribution and religion.

What is important in the middle colonies?

because of of your moms