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The name of the exam taken by French students after high school is called the


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Q: What is the name of the exam taken by French students after high school?
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What does the French word bac mean in English?

'bac' is the abbreviation of Baccalaureat, the exam taken by French students doing their final grade in high school.

What is the exam that French students take before leaving their college?

The French word collège applies to Junior high school (ages about 11 to 14). The exam at the end of that period is the Brevet des collèges (O level). At the end of the lycée (senior high school) students take the Baccalaureat (equivalent of A-Level or SAT).

What is entrance examination?

An entrance exam is usually an exam taken by students who want to go to a particular school, college or university. This enables the institution to see if the person is suited for doing the particular course they may want to do.

What exam do french people take before they leave college?

In the French schooling system, 'le collège' is Junior high school. You leave by age 15 / 16 and you take before that 'le brevet des collèges'. At the end of senior high school ('le lycée'), you take 'le baccalauréat / le bac', which is the French equivalent of the SAT.

At the end of secondary school french students sit what?

Students in France sit for the Baccalauréat exam at the end of secondary school.

What was the 11 plus exam in school?

An exam taken at around 11 years old in the last year of Primary school (Elementary school - equivalent to 5th grade) which determined whether you went to a grammar school or a secondary school. This was discontinued in about 1970 in favour of a comprehensive system where all students received the same education and opportunities all through their schooling

What is the french equivalent for a levels?

The French equivalent for A levels is the Baccalauréat, commonly known as the Bac. This is the main high school diploma in France, which students take at the end of their secondary education. It is a comprehensive exam covering a range of subjects.

IT Essentials Version 4.0 Chapter 7 Exam answers?

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What is the name of the exam that french children take before they leave their lycee?

Before leaving the lycée (equivalent of senior high school), French students have to take the baccalauréat - also known as 'le bac'.

What is bhaskargenius 2011?

IT is an scholarship exam worth scholarship of1 crore for school students

Which is the french comedy film on exam with students using different tricks in writing exam?

les sous-doués passent le bac I guess!

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