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The Volstead Act was a piece of legislation passed in 1919. It enabled the United States government to enforce the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, and is formally known as the National Prohibition Act. In combination with the 18thAmendment and other supporting legislature, it is included under the blanket term "Prohibition." In 1933, the Volstead Act and other Prohibition related laws were repealed in response to popular outcry.

The 18th Amendment was introduced into the Senate in 1917. After being passed by the Senate, it was successfully ratified by 1919, when the need for the Volstead Act to enable enforcement became clear. Under the 18th Amendment, "intoxicating liquor" was essentially prohibited within the United States. The law was passed in response to the temperance movement, which had gathered large numbers of followers. Adherents to the movement believed that the consumption of alcohol was harmful, and that society in general would benefit if alcohol was banned.

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Q: What is the volstead act and the reasons for the 18th amendment and its consequences?
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