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Describe the geographic framework in which early Western civilizations emerged and developed. What role did geography and climate play in shaping the course of Western civilization from its origins to about 500 CE?


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the timeframe in question stretches to 500 CE, the end of the Western Roman Empire and to the beginnings of Europe.

You don’t necessarily need to discuss each culture individually; rather you should focus on common geographical and environmental elements that affected the emergence of Western Civilization, both positively and negatively.

What I’m not looking for is “In Mesopotamia the environment……. In Egypt the environment…….. In Greece the environment…..”

What I am looking for is discussion of the importance of geography and climate to the success of civilizations with specific examples from various cultures.

That is the whole question ^^^^
Can anyone answer it in a essay format?

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Q: What role did geography and climate play in shaping the course of Western civilization from its origins to about 500 CE?
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