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The Great Sioux War of 1876, also known as the Black Hills War, was a series of battles and negotiations which occurred between 1876 and 1877 involving the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne, against the United States. Traditionally, the United States military and historians place the Lakota at the center of the story, especially given their numbers, but some American Indians believe the Cheyenne were the primary target of the US campaign. An alternative interpretation suggests that the Indians would have called it "The Great Cheyenne War

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Because the white men, and their culture, are a violation of nature that must be destroyed or it will destroy the human race.

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Q: What started the Sioux war of 1876?
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What year did the Sioux Indian war start?

If you're talking about the battle at the Little Big Horn against the Sioux Nation, that was June 1876.

Site of major US Army defeat in the Sioux War of 1876-1877?

Little Bighorn, Montana

When did the battle of Rosebud occur?

The Battle of Rosebud took place on June 17, 1876 in Big Horn County, Montana. This battle occurred during the Great Sioux War of 1876.

Major northern plains Indian nation that fought and eventually lost a bitter war against the us army 1876-1877?

The Sioux Indians

What did the Sioux fight with?

they fought the Blackfoot tribe or you know them as the Chicago Blackfoot Hockey

Sioux medicine man and leader of an uprising 1876-1877?

Sitting Bull

Did George Armstrong Custer die in the Black Hills War?

The Great Sioux War of 1876 was also known as the Black Hills War.Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer died in the Battle of the Little Big Horn aka Custer's Last Stand aka Massacre at Greasy Grass, one of the battles of the Great Sioux War of 1876.

Leader of the Sioux during wars of 1876-1877?

Chief Joseph

What led to the fighting in the Black Hills during The Great Sioux War of 1876 also known as the Black Hills War?

Note to supervisors: Trashed to NEI due to lack of specific information about what fighting in the Black Hills.

What happened when soldiers found gold in the Black Hills?

The 7th Cavalry discovery of gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota led to a massive gold rush in the area. This caused serious issues with the Sioux Indians and laid the foundation for the Great Sioux War of 1876 to 1877.

Who is American cavalry officer who died in 1876 after being defeated by Sioux Indians?

George Armstrong Custer.

Chief Sitting Bull led Sioux warriors at the June 1876 conflict known as?

Battle of the Little Bighorn .