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Harriet Tubman didnt have a very good life because almost her whole life she was a slave

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Q: What type of home life did Harriet Tubman have?
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What type of pneumonia did Harriet Tubman get?


Harriet Tubman pictures you can print out?

yes you just go to i am sure you type a picture of Harriet Tubman and it will show pics.

Why was john Tubman a free man?

well john Tubman was a free man because he was married to harriet Tubman so the people said WHY ARE YOU READING THIS!?!?!?!?!? for more info. go to and type in:why was the capitol moved from williamsburg to Richmond? and find out!

What type of change was Harriet Tubman fighting for?

She was fighting for all slaves to be set free and womens rights

What type of education or special training did harriet Tubman have?

No education or training. She was a slave and it was illegal to teach a slave to read.

Was Harriet Tubman married to Federick Douglass?

Harriet Tubman married to John Tubman from 1844 to 1851 Harriet Tubman married to Nelson Davis in 1869

What type of crops did harriet Tubman plant?

I would say perhaps cotton or some other cash crops like tobacco or indigo. She did work in the house once, and that was how she got her life-long injury.

Where can you find Harriet Tubman primary sources?

You can go on this web site called, type in anyones name and type in primary sources and it gives you a list to choose from. Kool ritte?

What type of gun did Harriet Tubman have?

In the 1800s they mostly used rifle, shotguns, and handguns (like pistols). Harriet Tubman's potraits usually had her standing with a large gun, concluding that it would be either a rifle or a shotgun. But since I don't know much about guns, and after a long time comparing the two long guns, I would say the closest guess would be a rifle.You can use the website below to read the difference. Clearly, I am not great at reading descriptions... T.TWhat_is_the_differance_between_a_rifle_and_shotgun

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