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The medieval craftsman association was called a guild.

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Q: What was a skilled craftsman in medieval times?
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What is an Alliator in Medieval Times?

an alliator is a skilled worker that made crossbones.

What is a medieval blacksmiths salary?

Yes, blacksmithing is a skilled job and they would be among the most valued workers in medieval times.

What is a skilled craftsman?

Artisanin the middle ages

What was a skilled ocupation during medieval times?

blacksmith cobbler silver/goldsmith baker cooper

A skilled worker who makes goods by land?


What is definition of craftsman?

A person who is skilled in a particular craft.

What are skilled laborers?

An artisan or craftsman, craftswoman are possibilities.

What is a skilled craftsman who erects buildings?

An architect

Who has power over a medieval craftsman?


How were skilled craftsman affected by industrialization?

They saw a decline in wages.

What organizations controlled medieval industry?

The merchants and craftsman industries

Who prospered in the New Hampshire colony?

The hard working skilled craftsman.