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what was considered a significant influence in native american culture

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Q: What was considered a significant influence within Native American culture?
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How did Germans influence American culture?

You see me trolling they hatin!

How did immigrants influence American culture?

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According to the negro digs up his past the remote racial origins of African American are important because?

of their influence on the early development of culture. -apex

Is place an element of culture?

Yes, place can be considered an element of culture as it plays a significant role in shaping the behaviors, beliefs, and values of a society. The physical environment, geographical location, and landmarks of a place can influence the cultural practices and traditions of its inhabitants.

Why is culture considered the matrix of personality?

Culture shapes the beliefs, values, norms, and behaviors of individuals within a society. This influence from culture is considered the "matrix of personality" because it helps to define and mold an individual's identity, shaping their thoughts, emotions, and social interactions. Culture influences how individuals perceive themselves and others, ultimately playing a significant role in the development of personality traits and characteristics.

Why was poe considered America's Shakespeare's?

Poe was considered America's Shakespeare due to his significant contributions to American literature, particularly in the genres of poetry and short stories. His dark and psychological works explored human emotion and the depths of the human psyche, much like Shakespeare's plays delved into complex themes of human nature. Poe's influence on American literature and culture was profound, leading to his reputation as an iconic figure in American literary history.

What was the unofficial capital of African American culture during the 1920 and?

Harlem, New York City was considered the unofficial capital of African American culture during the 1920s and 1930s, known as the Harlem Renaissance. It was a significant cultural, artistic, and intellectual movement that celebrated African American heritage and creativity in literature, music, and the arts.

How did entertainment from American Culture influence Australia?

American rock music was an influenze for Australian musicians to play rock.

Television has had a significant influence on the culture of many society that television has positively effected the cultural?

I believe it has. Somethings possible not.,

Tell you a question for 1970s everyday life?

can you tell me the American influence on popular culture

What is the largest ethnic group in japan?

The largest ethnic group in Japan is the Yamato people, who make up approximately 98% of the population. They are considered the native ethnic group of Japan and have a significant influence on Japanese culture.

How did The Scarlet Letter impact American Culture?

"The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne is considered a classic in American literature as it explores themes of sin, morality, and redemption in Puritan society. The novel's portrayal of these themes has had a lasting impact on American culture by sparking discussions about societal standards, individual freedom, and the consequences of judgment and shame. Its enduring influence can be seen in modern literature, film, and popular culture.