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the twelve tables

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The Twelve Tables

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The Twelve Tables.

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Q: What was the name of Rome's first written code of law?
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What is the birth name of Charles Romes?

Charles Romes's birth name is Charles Michael Romes.

What is the name of first system of written laws?

Code of Hammurabi.

What is mr benedicts first name?

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What are two written law codes?

Another name for a written law is a "statute."

What was the second king of Romes name?

Numa Pompilius.

What is romes largest national airports name?

Fiumuncino Internationale

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What was the name of the written laws developed by Justinian the first of the Byzantine empire?

The Justinian Code that served for over 900 years.

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What was the name of the written law code of rome?

The Twelve Tables

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Harry S Truman