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Yes afcourse the indian freedom fighter was a good

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Q: What was the role of language in the freedom movement of India?
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What role did nehru played in India's freedom struggle?

he went to jail in order to protect the country

Do Queen of Jhansi plays an important role in the independence of India?

Yes, she was the 1st woman fighter of India whose revolt shook the British . She was the 2nd freedom fighter following Mangal Pandey.

What was Simon Bolivar role in the independent movement in the Spanish colonies?

He was the leader of the spanish revolution

Who advised Gandhi to be on a 'probation' period of one year and travel throughout India before leading India's political movement?

Gopal Krishna Gokhale, a prominent Indian nationalist leader and mentor to Mahatma Gandhi, advised him to undertake a 'probation' period of one year and travel extensively throughout India to better understand the country, its people, and their issues before taking a leading role in India's political movement. Gokhale believed that this would help Gandhi develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by ordinary Indians and enable him to effectively contribute to the country's freedom struggle.

What is the role of mahatma gandhi in Indian politics?

m.gandhi played a very important role in our national movement. He played a active role in recruiting young Indians for the 1919 ,he opposed the rowlatt bills .in1930 , his historic march violated salt laws.then he launched non cooperation movement with khilafat movement. then in 1942 he launched quit India movement. these three movements were the main contribution of m.gandhi in national movement.

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What role did Hinduism play in the Indian Independence Movement?

Hinduism played vital role in India's freedom. Just Because of Hinduism people got united and fought for their mother land.

Lala Lajpat Rai role in the national movement?

He was a freedom fighter

What is the role of bal lokmanya tilak in Indian freedom fight?

The role of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Indian freedom fight was as the first leader of the movement.

Sarojini Naidu role in freedom struggle?

she help india to became free

What is the role of INA in Indian freedom struggle?

International national assembly to protect the India

What role did nehru played in India's freedom struggle?

he went to jail in order to protect the country

How do you write an essay about subhash chandra Bose in Hindi language?

To write an essay about Subhash Chandra Bose in Hindi, start by introducing him with a brief overview of his life and contributions. Then, highlight his role in India's freedom struggle, leadership qualities, and impact on the independence movement. Include his famous slogans like "Jai Hind" and talk about his legacy in Indian history. Finally, conclude with a reflection on his importance and significance in the country's fight for freedom.

Role of anne basant in India's struggle for freedom?

anne bassant motivated many Indians leaders and other common people to fight for freedom..

Role of provinces in the freedom movement of Pakistan?

There were a total of four provinces during the freedom movement. These provinces made the group in Pakistan that fought to make Pakistan its own nation-state, free and separate from Britain.

Analyze of Muslim league in the national movement and its impact on the future?

analyse the role of muslim league in the national movement and its impact on the future course of india and pakisthan

What is the role of journalism in freedom movement of Pakistan?

Journalism has had a vital role in the development of Pakistan. The Muslim Press especially played a vital role in the development of the Press. Muslim newspapers created awareness among the Muslims and reshaped their thoughts to fight for the own identity and, later on, a separate homeland. Many of the chief-editors of the Newspapers were also the active members of All India Muslim league.

What were the newspapers published before independence of India and what were its characteristics?

Some of the major newspapers published before India's independence include The Times of India, The Hindu, and The Statesman. These newspapers focused on providing news related to political developments, social issues, and the freedom struggle. They played a crucial role in shaping public opinion and mobilizing support for the independence movement.