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I wont to dager jaydon smith

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Q: What were Morrison shelters like inside?
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What was the difference between Morrison and Anderson shelters?

Anderson shelters were outside and Morrison shelters were inside.

Were Morrison shelters designed for use inside or outside?

Morrison shelters were designed to be used inside your house. Anderson shelters were designed to be used outside in your garden.

What was it like in a Morrison shelter?

The Morrison Shelters were only six feet wide. They were dark and bleak. The shelters were set up inside homes where there were no gardens to set up Anderson Shelters. See link below.

What were Morrison shelters made of?

Morrison shelters were made of iron.

What was Morrison shelters made out of?

Morrison shelters were made from sheets of steel.

What kind of shelters did briton use in World War 2?

Morrison shelters were used inside a householders home. Anderson shelters were designed to be used in the householders garden and there were various types of public shelters which were usually underground.

Who constructed Morrison shelters?

Morrison Shelters were designed to be used inside a property if the householder had no access to an outside area where an Anderson Shelter could be installed. Therefore they would be assembled by the householder, with help from neighbours if the householder was elderly or infirm.

Who invented the Morrison Shelters?

Morrison shelters, officially termed Table (Morrison) Indoor Shelters, were designed by John Baker and named after Herbert Morrison, the English Minister of Home Security at the time.

How are Morrison shelters used?

The Morrison shelter was an internal domestic air raid shelter. It consisted of a steel frame covered in a steel mesh. One side of the shelter could be lifted to allow a family to shelter inside it during an air raid. Measuring approximately 6ft 6ins long by 4ft wide and about 2ft 6ins high they were named after Herbert Morrison the minister of Home Security and were introduced in 1941 to overcome the reluctance people had for using the Anderson Garden shelters which were cold, dark and prone to flooding. Morrison shelters had just enough space inside for three people to sleep and quickly became known as Table Shelters because they were the right dimensions to double up as a table if a tablcloth was thrown over them. Because they were used inside the home (unlike Anderson Shelters) the Morrison shelter carried with it the additional risk of being trapped inside it within a burning or collapsing building.

How much did Morrison shelter?

Morrison Shelters were used in the 1940's. The were free to low income people. Morrison Shelters were other wise priced at around a weeks worth of salary.

What are Morrison shelters made out of?

stainless steel

What were Morrison shelters made out of?

Mostly steel