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the women weaved the mens armer

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Q: What were some jobs from 1600's in Massachusetts colony?
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what were jobs in the Massachusetts colony (in the 1600s)?

Fishing, timber, livestock, and shipping industries became the focus. There was still some subsistence farming to be had in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Who was the founder of Massachusetts in the 1600s?

The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Colony. William Brewster and William Bradford were some of the leaders. All the men signed the Mayflower Compact which was the document for governing the colony.

What were some troubles in Massachusetts bay in the 1600s?

they did not have enough money

What jobs did they have in rhode island in the 1600s?

Some of the jobs in Rhode Island in the 1600s included deacon or minister, blacksmith, carpenter, and baker. Other jobs included teacher and nanny.

What were some of the successes of the colony of Massachusetts?

some successes were that massachusetts became a state ( i think)

What were some of the jobs in Virginia in the 1600s?

mining,lawmaking, fishing,and farming

What types of jobs were available for people living in the Massachusetts Bay colony?

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was essentially agrarian to begin with. However, soon tradespeople began to create businesses and employment in these businesses began to rise. Some of the businesses were shoemakers, bakeries, dry goods, and transportation.

What were some jobs in France in the 1600s?

Most people in France in the 1600s worked as farmers. Some people worked as fishmongers, tailors, blacksmiths, shoemakers, and inn keepers.

Who was the small colony that eventually merged into Massachusetts Bay?

The Plymouth Colony was the colony that eventually merged into Massachusetts Bay Colony. Some of the members decided to leave and form their own colony after they stayed together for the first winter.

What were jobs in South Carolina in the late 1600's?

Most occupations in the South Carolina colony in the late 1600s were related to farming. The culture was essentially all agrarian with some small amounts of manufacturing.

What are some jobs in Massachusetts?

There are a variety of types of jobs found in Massachusetts. This includes working in the medical field, as a lawyer, or as a teacher.

What were some accomplishments of the Massachusetts bay colony?

religous freedom

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