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Painful memories is all

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Q: What were some of the effects on the tattoos from the holocaust?
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What were some affects of malnutrition during the holocaust?

Malnutrition, physical labor, and the stress during the Holocaust caused many effects on the people. These effects lasted for many years after the war. Some of these effects were headaches, depression gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, and moodiness.

Why did Jews have tattoos in the Holocaust?

They were forcibly tattooed by the Nazis, as an indelible form of identification.

What are some negative effects of the holocaust?

death, loss of personal property, mental trauma

What effects did the war have on the Holocaust?

it made the Holocaust easier to hide. the volume of pows accelerated the need for the Holocaust

How were Holocaust victims marked?

When people were taken to concentration camps, they were marked by the Nazis with tattoos, placed on the inside of their right arms. The tattoos were numbers, meant to be a form of identification.

Does rkelly have tattoos?

Yes he have some tattoos

Why did the people in the holocast have tattoos?

Those who were victims of the holocaust, and those who are survivers have tattoos because it was a form of identification. The tattoos have serial numbers, so the nazi rulers at the concentration camps didnt have to know they by names, just by numbers.

What effects did the Holocaust have on Europeans and Americans?

the effects were that it caused about 6 millon people dead

What are the causes and effects of the holocaust world war 2?

hitler hated the homosexuals, jews, and mentally ill. those are some of the causes and the effects are a lot of people died.

What were the effects of the Jewish Holocaust?

many Jewish people died

What were the effects on Jews because Hitler coming to power during the Holocaust?

I think the answer is that the effects on the Jews were racism.

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