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The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire. Various dates are given for its foundation. The date preferred by most German historians is the coronation of Otto I in 962. In a rather shadowy form this empire remained in existence till 1806. It was often said that it was 'neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire'.

The Second Reich was the united Germany created by Bismarck and Prussia in 1871. This lasted up until the end of the First World War and the fall of the last German Kaiser, hence Hitlers idea for a 1000-year 'Third Reich'.

AnswerI believe that the first Reich refers to the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire in the 9th century was Charles the Great. The Second Reich was the unification of Germany under the Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1870. Of course, we all know what the Third Reich was. AnswerThe First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire. There is little agreement as to when it was founded. Most German historians date the foundation from the coronation of Otto I in 962. That 'empire' had a continuous existence till 1806. The Second Reich was created by Bismarck in 1871 and lasted till 1918.
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Q: What were the First and Second Reichs?
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