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1400 to 1600

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Which composer is generally considered to be the father of the piano

When did the Baroque period occur

What are the categories for music of the renaissance

What were the dates of the music period of the Renaissance

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Q: What were the dates of the music period of the Renaissance?
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What dates of the music period of the Renaissance?

1400 to 1600

What were the dates of music period of the Renaissance?

1400 to 1600

Is Baroque music Renaissance?

No, the Renaissance period came slightly before the Baroque period. However, a large number of Baroque composers were influenced by Renaissance music.

Why did the renaissance period end?

Wasn't that a music? I think it was

When was the renaissance period history In music?


Did Leonardo da Vinci build or create the Renaissance?

The renaissance was a time period in music so I believe that Leonado Da Vinci did not create the renaissance period

The Renaissance Period was known as?

The Golden Age of Choral Music

Which institution supported music in Renaissance society?

The Renaissance was a period in history in which the arts flourished. The church was an institution which supported music in society.

In the renaissance period what is non religious music called?

Non religious music was called Secular Music (:

Why was the renaissance period called the renaissance period?

Renaissance is French for 'rebirth.' it is called the renaissance because it was the rebirth of the arts. Some things that were changed during this period of time include: music, sculpture, painting, architecture, printing and drama

What period of time did choral music enjoy its highest popularity since the renaissance period?

Romantic Period

What is the difference between Renaissance music and Renaissance art?

First of all Music was a form of Art. second if you ever have questions about the renaissance check this out:

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