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Q: What were the key events in Australia's response to the threat of communism in Asia after World War 2?
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The initial response of the US to the outbreak of war in Korea was to?

They wanted to meet the threat of communist agression. America is against the spread of communism and they wanted to help Korea stop the spread of communism.

What was Australia's response to the threat of communism after World War 2?

We went to war in Vietnam bringing in 60,000 diggers and over 3,500 being casualties.

What were some of the programs that Kennedy used to reduce the threat of nuclear was and to try to stem communism?

flexible response, his foreign policy and his six-point plan

The Australian government respond to the threat of communism after world war 2?

Australian government responded to communism in many different ways . after the start of communism , Australia started to suffer from paranioa due to the apparent " domino threoy' that was just one of the many events that are linked to communism.

What type of shelters did people start building because of the threat of communism?

It wasn't a threat of communism but of the atomic bomb that people built bomb shelters.

Who was very concerned with the threat of communism?

Adolf Hitler

When did communism begin to be seen as a serious threat?


How was communism considered a threat to democracy?

Communism itself was not seen as a threat to democracy. Communist dictators who promoted a perverted and corrupted form of the ideology were. Communism is not the antithesis of democracy, but it cannot coexist with capitalism. The perceived threat to democracy was that capitalism would fall to communism and that democracies would come under the rule of authoritarian oppression.

What did the threat of Communism in Greece and Turkey lead to?

pass the Truman Doctrine

Why was communism a threat in the 1950?

Prolly cuz extreme forms of communism were considered a threat to Christianity for republicans and considered a threat to civil rights by democrats. We were already a little bit commie and a little bit fascist, but more toward fascism on the spectrum.

Was communism a legitimate threat to world stability?

Communism is a threat to the parasite ruling classes under capitalism, as it will mean a world without rulers or armies or poverty. It will make the world far more stable than capitalism, where the profit motive and short-term gains are behind global heating.

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