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Patriots .

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Q: What were those who fought and supported the war for independence called?
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What were those who supported the Declaration of Independence called?


What were people called that supported independence from british?

Those colonists who supported independence from the monarchy of King George III were called Patriots.

The colonist who supported the war for Independence were called what?

The colonists who supported the war for independence against Great Britain were called Patriots. Those who didn't support the war were called Tories or Loyalists.

What is the the term used for those Americans who supported independence?

Patriots were the Americans who supported independence.

Some colonists loyalists who sided with Britain the other colonists were patriots who supported the right to independence?

The patriots were for independence. Those who were loyal to the king were called loyalists.

What is Ireland's civil war about?

Ireland's civil war happened between June 1922 and May 1923. It was fought between those who supported the treaty that gave independence to most of Ireland and those who did not support it.

Colonists who supported independence from Britain were called?

PatriotsThe American Revolution was characterized by a split in the support of colonist belligerents. Those who supported the American independence were called Patriots for their patriotic drive of self-government and republicanism. They were also sometimes called Whigs, who were members of the British Parliament who supported the colonists' side. These Patriots were usually farmers and countrymen who often felt the brunt of the taxes Parliament had levied on the colonies. Those who were against independence were called Loyalists or Tories, who were members of Parliament who were against the colonies.

What terms refers those who supported independence from Great Britain?


Colonists who fought were called?

"Patriots" was the name given to the Colonists who fought for independence. Loyalists aka. "Tories", were those Colonists who remained "loyal" to King George III i.e. England.

What were those called who supported the constitution?

They were called Nationalists

What were the people called that supported the Constitution when it was first ratified?

The people who supported the ratification of the Constitution were called Federalists, and likewise those who opposed the ratification of the Constitution were called the Antifederalists.

What were those who supported the British cause during the American Revolution called?

Those who supported the British cause during the American Revolution were commonly referred to as loyalists.

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