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The patriots were for independence. Those who were loyal to the king were called loyalists.

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Q: Some colonists loyalists who sided with Britain the other colonists were patriots who supported the right to independence?
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Where did loyalists come from?

Loyalists were American colonists who supported the English as opposed to Patriots who supported independence from England.

The colonist who supported the war for Independence were called what?

The colonists who supported the war for independence against Great Britain were called Patriots. Those who didn't support the war were called Tories or Loyalists.

What were colonists called who supported independence from Britain called?

These people were called a loyalist or Tory.

Who were loyalists and patriots?

Loyalists- colonists who were loyal to Britain. Patriots- colonists who wanted to be free from Britain.

What were the loyalists and patriots beliefs?

The loyalists were people who opposed the war for independence while the patriots were American colonists who wanteed the independence

What colonists supported the American Revolution?

the patriots not the stupid football team either

Colonists who fought were called?

"Patriots" was the name given to the Colonists who fought for independence. Loyalists aka. "Tories", were those Colonists who remained "loyal" to King George III i.e. England.

What caused colonists to call themselves Patriots or Loyalists?

The Declaration of Independence

American colonists who supported independence from Britain and were willing to fight for independence were known as?


What were Colonists who wanted to remain British citizens called?

They were called Loyalists. Those who supported freedom from Britan were called Patriots.

A colonist who opposed the revolution?

The Patriots are the group of colonists that faced hostility.

What was the name for the group of colonists who supported the movement for independence from England?