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Q: When both multiplexers a and b combine four 100 kbps channels using a time slot of 4 bits each frame generated from a and b has the size of 16 bits the frame at c is 32 bits what is the frame rate at?
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It is an upright frame with channels that a skilsaw rides in to cut vertically or lengthwise. Commonly seen in big lumber stores.

What is the panel saw?

It is an upright frame with channels that a skilsaw rides in to cut vertically or lengthwise. Commonly seen in big lumber stores.

What type of scanning the station transmits a special frame known as a probe on all available channels within its frequency range?

active scanning

What does channel sales mean?

aggregate of all sales that are generated in a particular time frame by means of distribution that is employed by a firm or company to move.

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How is multiplexing and demultiplexing applied in telecommunication?

Time Division Multiplexers are a bit historical but here's an answer. A number of channels are required to be assembled onto an aggregate. Thirty 64 kbit/s channels could go onto a 2 Mbit/s aggregate for example. A multiplexer is constructed to a standard such as G.700 series in the ITU-T. In the same box a de-multiplexer is constructed to decode the received 2 Mbit/s. Also a manufacturer could decide to build a proprietary standard of his own. Timeplex were good at this and made excellent systems with benefits over CCITT later ITU-T standard. Advantages were being able to mix data at different bit rates and also include voice, compressed or not compressed, with or without signalling - if needed. Multiplexers could form meshed networks rather that A-B dumb-bell links and these may need management to sneak in and out of them. Time Division Multiplexers did what they say, the interleaved the data for each channel or tributary so that it could be received and broken out at the far end. Each channel had its own slot on the frame of the system and came around in a rate which enabled the original bandwidth and clock to be recovered and presented in just the right interface.

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Software engineering is a frame work which combine the process,methods,tools & other required resources for the development and maintinance of software.

What do you need to combine asynchronous transfer mode services with dsl to provide an alternative to frame relay?

A DSLAM that supports ATM services A DSL endpoint device that supports ATM technology

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