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sometime in the 1840's

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Q: When did Mexico stop payments on its debt to the US because of dispute over the Texas-Mexico border?
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Which major event settles the boundary dispute between Mexico and the US?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo settled the boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico.

Why did the Us. go to war with Mexico in 1846?

Border dispute

The US tried to settle a dispute on oil and gas drilling in 1997 in which of these?

Gulf of Mexico(Kaylop)

What was the problem the republic of texas had with the disputed territory?

The problem that Texas had been because of the constant movement of the Rio Grande which in turn caused the disputes of the territory lands between Mexico and Texas. One of those was the Country club dispute and the Chamizal dispute.

The New Mexico-Texas border dispute would be settled in favor of who?


Why did the United declare war on Mexico?

The Mexican-American War was a land dispute over Texas, New Mexico and Baja California.

What country had a dispute with the us over the boundary between louisiana and spanish texas?


What Solving a border dispute between Texas and New Mexico was a part of?

Compromise of 1850

Solving the border dispute between Texas and New Mexico was part of the?

Compromise of 1850

The US tried to settle a dispute on oil and gas drilling in 1997 where?

gulf of Mexico

What is the balance of payments in Mexico?

As of December 2013, it was of USD -22.33 billion.

What land did Kennedy give to Mexico?

None. He just settled a dispute between the United States and Mexico regarding the Chamizal strip (on the US-Mexico borderm between Juarez and El Paso, TX), which was caused by a shift in the Rio Grande River since 1852. It was eventually returned to Mexico in 1963. Although no direct payments were made between both countries' governments, the US government was compensated by a Mexican private bank for 382 structures included in the transfer.