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The Precambrian period was from 4600 million years ago to about 542 million years ago.

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Q: When did Precambrian Time begin?
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What are interesting things in the Precambrian time period?

there is bacteria... that's abot it.

What animals lived duringin the precambrian era?

Life had only just started during the precambrian. Most life during the precambrian consisted of nonanimalian protists and bacteria. Maybe by the very very end of the precambrian there were the first jellyfish and worms. The precambrian started 4.6 billion years ago. Life started and consisted of bacteria 3.8 billion years ago. The precambrian ended about 590 million years ago.

How long did the PreCambrian era last?

The Precambrian Era. The name means: "before the Cambrian period." This old, but still common term was originally used to refer to the whole period of earth's history before the formation of the oldest rocks with recognizable fossils in them. In the last few decades, however, geologists have found that there are some hard-to-discern fossils in some Precambrian rocks, so this period is now also known as the Cryptozoic or "obscure life" Eon (from the words "crypt" = "hidden," and "zoon" = "life"). The Precambrian covers almost 90% of the entire history of the Earth. It has been divided into three eras: the Hadean, the Archean and the Proterozoic. Source: Unknown The Precambrian Era comprises all of geologic time prior to 600 million years ago. The Precambrian was originally defined as the era that predated the emergence of life in the Cambrian Period. It is now known, however, that life on Earth began by the early Archean and that fossilized organisms became more and more abundant throughout Precambrian time. The two major subdivisions of the last part of the Precambrian are the Archean (oldest) and the Proterozoic. Rocks younger than 600 Ma are considered part of the Phanerozoic.

What were the dangers in the precambrian time?

welll ya see there was lots of little critters walking around and ya know its funyn cus that is it! ha

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