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The Bolshevik Revolution did not overthrow the Russian Romanov dynasty. The Bolshevik Revolution occurred on October 25, 1917 (old style calendar) and overthrew the Provisional Government. The Romanov dynasty was overthrown in the February 1917 Revolution. So, the Romanov dynasty was already history when the Bolshevik Revolution took place.

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Q: When did the Bolshevik Revolution over-throw the Russian Romanov Dynasty?
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Why was Nicholas czar II replaced by Lenin?

It was a revolution; Lenin wanted to overthrow the Romanov dynasty, and establish a Worker's Paradise. He was an insane megalomaniac, of course, but he did manage to overthrow the monarchy, and execute the entire Romanov family, and plunge the world into nearly a century of chaos, violence, and bloodshed.

Who is the man that order the Romanov family to death?

The execution of the Romanov family was ordered by the leader of the Bolshevik revolution, V.I. Lenin.

What was Tsar Nicholas II's dynasty?

Nicholas II's dynasty was the Romanov family, which ruled Russia for 300 years from 1613 to Nicholas's overthrow in 1917. Actually, the Romanov family died out in the 1700s, and was succeeded by the Holstein-Gottorp family who assumed the dynasty name of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov, which was usually shortened to Romanov.

What was the dynasty that was overthrown in the Russian revolution of 1917?

the Romanov dynasty: the Last Tsar of Russia: Tsar Nicholas

Who was Russian ruling family before the communist revolution?

The Romanov family ruled Russia for 300 years before Tsar Nicholas II abdicated in 1917. However, the communist revolution did not end this dynasty. Nicholas II abdicated the throne in March 1917 as a result of the February Revolution. The Communist or Bolshevik Revolution did not take place until the following October eight months after the dynasty had ended.

When did the Romanov dynasty begin?

The House of Romanov or Romanov Dynasty began in 1613.

Did the Russian revolution end the romanov dynasty?

Yes. The Revolution overthrew the Romanovs and the took down the monarchy itself.

What caused the overthrow of czar Nicholas II romanov dynasty?

Poverty and with the hope that communism would solve the disparate economic strata of the population.

Who was the first romanov tsar?

Mikhail Romanov was the first Romanov Tsar, being crowned at age 16 and ruling from 1613 to his death in 1645. The Romanov dynasty ruled for 314 years from 1613 to 1917 the year of the Russian Revolution.

How many revolutions took place in ending the Romanov dynasty?

The two most important where the revolution in 1907 after the Russian Japanese war and the revolution of 1917 which finally brought down the dynasty

What dynasty was Nicholas ii in?

Nicolas the II was in the Romanov dynasty. Actually Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov, but usually shortened to Romanov.

What dynasty did nicholas II belong to?

The Romanov Dynasty. Actually Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov.