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He was in World War 2 from the very beginning!

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2014-09-23 12:26:40
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Q: When did winstin churchill enter World War 2?
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Why was winstin churchill famous?

Winston Churchill was famous for his war leadership in his position of prime minister of England during the second world war.

How was Winstin Churchill important to World War 2?

He made inspirational speeches which raised the morale of the British people.

Who was the prime minister of england at the end of world war 2?

Winstin Chapelmountain

Why did Winston Churchill enter World War 2?

The question makes an inaccurate assumption. Winston Churchill did NOT 'enter World War 2'. It was Neville Chamberlain (of appeasement repute) who took Britain to war in 1939. When Churchill took over as prime minister in May 1940, Britain had already been at war for several months.

Was chamberlain or churchill right about World War 2?


Did Winston Churchill enter England into World War 2?

No. Britain and France declared war on Germany on 1 September 1939. Winston Churchill didn't become Prime Minister until 10 May 1940.

What war did Winston churchill associate with?

Winston Churchill was involved in the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2 but he is mostly remembered for his leadership during World War 2.

What country did Churchill rule in world war 2?

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England during the Second World War.

Who were some Genarals from world war 2?

Winston churchill Winston churchill

What war was Winston Churchill leader of?

The Second World War.

What war was Winston Churchill leader?

The Second World War.

Who was ruler of England during World War 2?

Winston churchill Winston churchill

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