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The current State Seal was chosen in 1985.

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Q: When was Florida's state seal made?
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Floridas state flag?

the state flag has its state seal and a x behind it.

What does the steamboat represent on floridas state seal.?

Because Florida is surrounded by water, so, that's why there are so much beaches to go to !

What is Floridas state nickname?

The Sunshine State.

What is floridas state abbeviation?


When was Alabama's state seal made?

When Alabama became a state in 1819, the state legislature adopted the design as the official state seal

What is Floridas state team?

Florida state university

What is Floridas State Bird and State Flower?

Mockingbird & The Orange Blossom.

What are facts about Idaho's state seal?

It is the only seal that was made from a woman in the U.S.

What is floridas state mineral?


Who made the state seal of Colorado?


What is the Massachusetts Bay Colony seal?

The official Massachusetts state seal is a coat of arms. This seal was made official and adopted by the state in 1885.

What is floridas state bug?

it is some type of horned beetle