Where are cajuns located at?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Where are cajuns located at?
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Where are Cajuns from now?

Cajuns are from Louisiana Cajuns are from Louisiana

Are Cajuns originally from Mexico?

No, Cajuns originally came from Nova Scotia in Canada.

Where did Cajuns live before moving to Louisiana?

The Cajuns lived in the eastern canadian regions

Where do the Cajuns live?


What are the release dates for Cajuns of the Teche - 1942?

Cajuns of the Teche - 1942 was released on: USA: 13 August 1942

When did the Cajuns come to Louisiana?


What is a another word for acadians?


What type of holidays do the cajuns celebrate?


What has the author Carolyn Ramsey written?

Carolyn Ramsey has written: 'Cajuns on the bayous' -- subject(s): Cajuns, Description and travel, Social life and customs

What are decendants of French-Canadian in Louisiana called?

The Cajuns

What are decendants of french canadians in Louisiana called?

The Cajuns

What are descendants of French-Canadians in Louisiana called?