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Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay were two of the main USN bases. However, the USNs riverine forces, primarily the Swift Boats (PCF-Patrol Craft Fast) operated as far north as the DMZ at the Cua Viet River in I Corps.

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Q: Where did the us navy base at during Vietnam?
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What did Australian nurses do during the Vietnam War?

Australian nurses worked in a similar fashion as US nurses did, in main base and field hospitals, as well as the US Navy's floating hospital ships.

How many times has the US Navy had a Brown Water Navy?

Twice; once during the US Civil War (1861-1865), and once during the Vietnam War (1965-1970).

Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam war?

Confrontations between the US Navy & North Viet Navy in the Tonkin Gulf in 1964.

Why do ignorant people deny the US Navy drafted during the Vietnam War?

I know the US Navy drafted in October of 1965 because they did NOT reach their enlistment quota

What schooling did women go through before Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, in the US military, women were part of the WAC's (Women's Army Corps) in the US Army. The US Navy had the WAVE's.

Did Henry landin serve in Vietnam?

There are several Henry Landin's. Hank Landin from Warroad, MN did serve for several years in the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict.

Why US attacked Vietnam?

North Viet Navy attacked the US Navy in the Tonking Gulf in '64. The US retaliated.

What were the effects to north Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam was the scene of the AIR WAR during the Vietnam War. N. Vietnam was bombed by air units from the US Navy and US Air Force. US Marine Corps units bombed in South Vietnam in support of their ground Marines. North Vietnam defended itself in North Vietnam with SAM sites and NVAF MiG 17, 19, and MiG 21 jet interceptors.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident involved the US and?

US Navy verses North Vietnamese Navy.

Details for the women in the Vietnam war?

During WWII, Korea, and the Vietnam War...WAC's for the US Army; WAVES for the US Navy; WAFs in the USAF. All were disbanded in 1975 with the entrance of equal opportunity employment.

Where did Japan attack US during Pearl Harbor?

The US Navy base at Pearl Harbor on Ford Island and the Army Air Base at Wheeler Field.

Why did Lyndon Johnson esclate us role in Vietnam?

Because the North Viet Navy attacked the US Navy in the Tonkin Gulf.